Why Optimizing the Healthcare Payment
Process is More Critical Than Ever

How healthcare is changing the patient payment experience

As a Direct-to-Consumer business, you understand the importance of making it easy for patients to find your website and view products relevant to their medical needs

Here are a few key questions you can ask yourself to health-check your business when reviewing your digital store. 


  • When a patient selects a product and calls to place an order, does your checkout process take ten minutes or one hour?
  • Are you noticing an unusually high rate of dropped calls?
  • Does your patient understand different payment options available to them to encourage affordability?


With COVID-19 altering consumer habits to rely heavier on eCommerce and telesales shopping, ensuring that your payment process is simple to explain over the phone is critical. It could be the difference in making a sale or not. Patients are already becoming accustomed to the buying venue that offers the least path of resistance and simplest buying experience. So, how do you know if your checkout process is optimized for simplicity and ease?


Ask yourself these four questions:


  1. Am I (or my sales team) able to offer and explain a wide range of payment options to the patient in a clear manner?
  2. Can a patient get approved for new financing within seconds – while on the phone?
  3. Am I offering more than 6-7 payment options?
  4. Are customers able to combine payment options (credit card + ACH + financing)?


By giving your patients choices of how to shop and pay, you’re optimizing their experience and reducing friction that could prevent the sale. To learn how asking yourself the questions above can enhance your own eCommerce and telesales business, contact us today.

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