Top Mistakes Healthcare Companies Make in
Their B2C Business

How healthcare is changing the patient payment experience

Here are three common mistakes that B2B-oriented leaders make when running a B2C business. Is your team making any of these mistakes? Read on to find out:

Not understanding the role of the B2C business within the larger company strategy. 


Many companies have both B2B and B2C channels. This strategy creates a robust demand but creates complexity. These businesses can have fundamentally different operational needs, IT systems, and financial KPIs.

For back end teams that are responsible for serving both businesses, these competing priorities can lead to frustration and poor one-size-fits-all solutions. Clearly understanding the role of each business in the broader company strategy can help alleviate some of these challenges. 


Allocating marketing expenses incorrectly


Companies often allocate 100% of their consumer marketing budget toward their B2C business unit. They reason that since the messaging directs the customer to the website or inbound call center, the marketing dollars should be allocated to that channel.

What this approach ignores, however, is the halo effect of this marketing spend on the B2B business. Many customers may visit the website or call the phone line, but will eventually decide to purchase elsewhere. Ultimately, this benefits all channels and not just the B2C unit.


Disconnected systems complicate Rx validation and reconciliation. 


Prescription validation is a key component of many equipment sales. Validating a prescription can be onerous, consuming internal resources and delivering a poor customer experience.

Likewise, offering flexibility in payments (such as the ability for customers to pay by multiple methods and to combine different payment types into a single transaction) is also a key component for success. However, splitting payments can create reconciliation challenges, particularly as the business scales.

Investing in quality technological tools, such as Feather Pay and Feather Rx, can reduce the resources needed to sync back end operations, validate prescriptions automatically and enable your business to scale.

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