5 Questions to Ask - Perfect Your Inbound Sales Strategy

How healthcare is changing the patient payment experience

Particularly with more expensive medical products, some patients prefer to speak to someone over the phone before committing to a purchase.

These phone calls are crucial to collecting business insights and generating revenue for your company. How do you know if you’re missing a key part of this telesales workflow?

Here are 5 questions you can ask:

  • 1. What am I changing to accommodate patient’s restricted financial situations?

  • 2. Am I collecting data on my phone leads and regularly gleaning insights from recorded patient behaviors?

  • 3. What do my sales reps complain the most about with inbound leads?

  • 4. Do I know what the biggest conversion blocker is? How am I tracking that today?

  • 5. Is my sales process optimized for repeat purchases?

Your answers to the above questions can identify pockets of your business that may need some extra care. Knowing when potential patients consistently drop out of the sales process or why a particular product sells considerably less units than other products are data points that help you direct resources to optimize sales channels, especially for the shop-from-home life that has become our new normal.


As one example, a Fortune 500 healthcare company was losing sales because patients could not afford the out-of-pocket cost required for their medical devices. This issue was particularly acute in Telesales, where patients generally abandoned the purchase due to their inability to pay after the Client’s Telesales agent had invested significant time and effort in device selection. After this particular company implemented Feather Pay, a flexible payment technology, into their telesales platform, the company was amazed to see a 7% revenue lift in just the first 30 days. Read the full case study here.


To speak to one of our healthcare telesales experts on how to optimize your inbound strategy, contact us today.

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