Is my telesales team operating at peak efficiency?

How healthcare is changing the patient payment experience

The agents fielding incoming calls are critical to growing sales and keeping patients satisfied. Do you know if they’re set up for success? Here are three questions to ask to find out.

  • 1. Does your team know what success looks like?

    It’s surprising how often inbound call teams cannot clearly and specifically define their goals. While this is particularly true in smaller companies where customer service and sales are co-mingled, larger organizations can face similar obstacles, with sales reps unaware of key success factors, such as the success of a new product, or maintaining a certain margin target. Clearly communicate your goals to your inbound teams and check in with them often to make sure they know what’s most important to the organization and how each rep is tracking to that goal.

  • 2. Are the right tracking and performance management mechanisms in place?

    There is an old adage: what gets measured gets done. Each sales rep and customer service rep should know their performance against their specific key metrics (calls fielded, calls converted to sales, revenue generated, customer satisfaction, etc.) on a continuous basis. Without these metrics, it can be difficult to manage performance and identify improvement opportunities. With these metrics, call center managers can coach sales reps with realtime data, optimizing sales growth. Ensure you have the right technology and process infrastructure in place at the ground level to track and communicate these metrics.

  • 3. Does your team have the tools they need to perform their best?

    Maximizing the conversion rate on inbound calls is critical to success. Make sure your teams have easy-to-use tools to help patients select the product they need, send a prescription (if necessary), and pay for the product. Investment in better tools is often the number one way for a business to quickly increase its telesales performance.

    If you sell consumer healthcare products and services with a high out-of-pocket cost, Feather Pay may be a good solution to help you improve your conversion. By providing patients with multiple payment options and the ability to apply those options on a single transaction, Feather Pay has been shown to increase Telesales conversion by 5-10% within thirty days of implementation.

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