How to Build Patient Trust Selling Direct-to-Consumer

When it comes to products that dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life, the element of trust is critical in a patient’s buying decision

Why is it so hard to build trust online?

With a growing number of options online to purchase medical devices – such as wheelchairs, CPAP machines, hearing aids and other homecare products – it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd and build trust with patients.  


Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, recently conducted a 39-Point Store Trust Checklist to gauge the trustworthiness of an eCommerce store. Based on their research, they came up with five ways to build customer trust in your own eCommerce environment. One method is to “ensure the transaction is transparent and easy”.

Ensure the transaction is transparent and easy

Many times, eCommerce stores overlook the impact their online shopping cart’s UI/UX has on the probability of a patient completing the sale. To get a patient to your website’s checkout page, your business has spent time and resources on marketing, website design, product development and more. Do not let a confusing and complex checkout process deter them from actually purchasing the product when they’ve come this far.


Removing Doubts –> More Completed Sales


Shopify claims the main business goal in the transaction process is to “remove customer doubts and risk when calculating the total cost at shipping and payment.” As you already know in the world of healthcare, out-of-pocket expenses are on the rise with a leading factor being high deductible health plans, or HDHP’s. Because of this, some patients may not have the necessary funds to purchase a product on a single payment method. It may take multiple credit cards and/or financing options combined to be able to afford their level of care.


Does your checkout page account for those situations?


Can a patient combine multiple methods of payment on a single transaction?


By allowing transactions such as this, you remove the risk and doubt from the patient’s mind when it comes to the total cost. In turn, you build trust, improving the patient experience and increasing customer loyalty.

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