How to Boost Phone Conversion Rates

Unlike other industries, where the majority of revenue has shifted online, healthcare continues to generate revenue in both telesales and eCommerce channels.


Many patients prefer to talk to a human being on the phone before purchasing an expensive piece of medical equipment. Here are three things you can do to boost conversion for patients that purchase over the phone:

  • Learn from your best sales performers.

    In a large inbound telesales organization, there is often a 5-10x difference in performance between the best and worst performing agents. Find your best performers and observe them on the job — what do they say? How do they act? What do they do differently than everyone else? These reference points can help you identify improvement opportunities in your IT tools, performance management systems, and the hiring process.

  • Make it easy to get to “yes”.

    All industries face barriers in selling directly to consumers. In healthcare, these barriers can be particularly daunting. Understand the barriers that patients face, and invest in tools to reduce these barriers. Whether it’s communicating product knowledge, validating a prescription, or paying for a product, reducing these friction points for your patients makes it easier to buy over the phone.

  • Collect feedback after the sale.

    Every sale is an opportunity to capture two critical pieces of information: why a patient chose a particular product and why they chose to buy from you. When sales reps ask these questions for each call they field, this information can be fed back into your organization, used for R&D, marketing, and operations. Over the long term, this investment will improve your decisions, helping your business offer a better product mix, maintain a tighter supply chain, and generate more sales.

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