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Good For Your Patients, Good For Your Practice

FeatherPay works by consolidating your payment options and delivering a unified patient experience that puts care within reach.

How FeatherPay Works

How FeatherPay Works

Meet the first payment software that centralizes all of your payment options and gives patients total flexibility in how they pay for care.

Connect Payment Options in a Single Experience

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Present all payment options upfront to increase patient engagement and allow them to choose what works best.
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Enable contactless digital payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay to let patients pay with a single touch or tap.
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Provide integrated financing options that allow patients to apply for credit and then use it for their transation - all directly within the checkout experience.
How FeatherPay Works
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Capture Payments Anytime, Anywhere

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Take payment in person, over the phone, or remotely from any digital device.
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Easily send patients their invoices via email or SMS so they can pay prior to their visit.
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Deploy follow-up emails or SMS messages to remind patients to make their payments.
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Enable Multiple Payment Methods in One Transaction

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Let patients easily navigate their options and pool their available resources if they cannot finance the full amount with a single payment method.
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Enable patients to split payments and combine payment types in a single transaction.
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Centrally Manage and View All Payment Activities

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Centralize all payment activity in a single back-end user interface that houses information on all payment methods.
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Reduce the time it takes to process patient refunds and eliminate the mistakes that can occur with more complex transaction.
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Easily enable, disable, and sort payments methods based on desired business outcomes.

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