Drive Up Your Marketing ROI

How healthcare is changing the patient payment experience

Increasing the profitability of each patient that makes a purchase with your business undoubtedly improves your marketing ROI.

How do you help your patients afford more (and thus, spend more on critical products and care) to achieve their desired quality of life?


You have already leveraged marketing channels to drive shoppers to your store. Now, ensure you are capturing that traffic’s full potential revenue.


One way to do this is to offer a flexible checkout process that gives the patient total control of their financial outcome. Most businesses offer all-or-nothing options during checkout, limiting the level of affordability for more expensive medical products. While traditional payment types can work, in many cases expensive medical products exceed any one single payment method, exceeding the financial limits of many patient’s budgets.


44 percent of adult Americans claim they could not come up with $400 in an emergency without turning to credit cards, family and friends, or selling off possessions.


How can you work with your patients to not lose the sale while still offering an affordable option?


Some organizations, such as this Fortune 500 healthcare company, implemented Feather Pay, a payment consolidation and optimization tool for transactions with high out-of-pocket costs. Because of Feather Pay’s ability to split costs into any payment permutation, your patient can afford their life-improving device and your business can increase sales that would otherwise be impossible

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