Direct-to-Consumer Tips for Patient Customization

How healthcare is changing the patient payment experience

With direct-to-consumer sales of medical equipment growing rapidly, how can you be sure that the B2C portion of your business is offering the best patient experience?

One way is to take advantage of software advancements in payments technology.


At the end stage of a purchase, options for a patient to pay-over-time (such as Splitit) or use a financing method (such as CareCredit) may be limiting to a patient in that they are “one or the other”. If a patient cannot get approved for a new line of credit or chooses not to pay in installments to avoid interest and late fees, they will have to forego care altogether. This does no one any good as the patient continues to suffer and your business loses a potential sale.


To offer flexibility for increasing out-of-pocket expenses, empower your patient with highly customized payment options. Here are a few examples:



  • Pay half now and the remainder in monthly installments.
  • Pay with two credit cards and an ACH payment to break up the total cost.
  • Apply for financing with instant approval and pay the limit excess with a credit card or check.



No matter how they choose to split their payments, giving patients flexibility will maximize your financial outcomes. How exactly can you do this?


One way is to integrate Feather Pay into your merchant account and payment stack. Feather Pay manages the heavy lifting of implementing multiple payment integrations and offers realtime data with user-friendly admin tools. Payments are connected to orders automatically, leaving you no back-office reconciliation work. The best part is that using Feather Pay in an eCommerce or Telesales environment gives patients a robust selection of payment options to meet their financial needs.


Lead your business into the hyper-customization of the healthcare DTC world, improving the patient’s buying experience and increasing your revenue at the same time.

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