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A dental payment and billing platform for the digital age

FeatherPay is a dental payment platform that enables dental practices to deliver a great payment experience to their patients. 


With FeatherPay, dental practices see increased patient collections, improved case acceptance, less strain on administrative staff, and happier patients.

What is FeatherPay?

FeatherPay is a payment platform that streamlines billing, increases patient collections, and improves treatment plan acceptance for dental practices while making the lives of patients and administrative staff easier.


FeatherPay consolidates all of a practice’s payment options into a single experience for patients and administrators while enabling best-in-class digital communications with patients, including email, SMS/text and patient specific QR-code paper statements.

"FeatherPay has fundamentally changed the way our dental practice thinks about payments.  The payment platform lets us maximize treatment plan acceptance and collections in a way that's still a great experience for the patient."




Kitt, DSO Practice Manager

Accept Payment Anywhere, Anytime, Any Way

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In the office


On their mobile phone


Over the phone

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Before their appointment


In the chair


After care has been delivered


Any Way




Third Party Financing


Internal Payment Plans


Pay Now Discounts


Apple Pay / Google Pay

By the Numbers

Increase collections, maximize treatment plan efficiency and reduce administrative workload with FeatherPay

Streamlined, Digitally Enabled Billing

How It Works

Pull patients with an outstanding balance out of your PMS and into FeatherPay’s omnichannel billing flow, where they will receive paper statements with a QR code, email and text notifications over a several week period.


FeatherPay’s payment platform requires no patient logins, so patients can go from statement to payment in under twenty seconds.


Error checking and reporting ensures that patients are unenrolled when they have paid and that payments are able to be posted back to the practice management system.

An patient-friendly payment experience

  • Put all your practice’s payment options right at your patient’s fingertips, so that they can select the method that works best for them.


  • Enable patients to combine two or more different payment methods to pay for care, a key for larger invoices.


  • Contactless payment methods let patients can easily pay anytime and anywhere.


  • Send patients text and email reminders about outstanding balances, and enable payment with a click of a button.
Mobile Payment with FeatherPay

"FeatherPay has been a key tool that we have used to improve our financial performance across our practices."




Justin, DSO CEO

Easy, Scalable Back Office Operations


  • Take payment for treatment plans, billed invoices, membership programs, or any other products or services you offer.


  • Seamlessly sync patient data with your practice management system.


  • Keep cards on file and automatically trigger a payment.


  • Use a single portal for auditing and refunds that can be accessed anywhere.
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"FeatherPay saves our billing team 15-20 hours each month.  Given our growth and struggle to fill open positions, it's been a lifesaver for us."




April, Billing Team Lead

The Empathetic Payment Experience your Patients Deserve

For many patients paying for care is a personal and deeply stressful part of their journey, and they can feel left behind by their healthcare providers.


  • 46% of patients say it is difficult for them to afford to pay for dental care


  • 49% of patients would consider switching healthcare providers for a better payments experience


  • 65% of patients want to keep using virtual and self service options for healthcare payments


FeatherPay lets dental practices take an empathetic approach to patients by giving them the space to see all the options your practice offers in a simple way.


Patient in Office

Read a Case Study

See how our dental payment platform enabled a seven location DSO to increase collections, improve same-day care, and save money.



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