dental payment platform

A Dental Payment Platform that Transforms Your Practice

FeatherPay grows revenue, decreases operational costs, and improves the patient experience

Improve All Aspects of Your Practice



  • Let patients easily navigate all the payment options available to them

  • Combine multiple payment types in a single transaction

  • Contactless payments let patients pay anytime, anywhere and on any device



  • Keep cards on file and remotely trigger a patient payment

  • Customize and view payment options across practices

  • Single portal for refunds and auditing

A Superior

Patient Experience

  • Enable text to pay and mobile payments

  • Customize and view payment options across practices

  • Reduce visit times by enabling remote payment

By the Numbers

Maximize treatment acceptance, improve efficiency, and increase revenue with FeatherPay

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See how our dental payment platform enabled a seven location DSO to increase collections, improve same-day care, and save money

Integrations & Partnerships

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