Can I really collect revenue upfront?

There are a number of ways a patient can pay for their medical bills.

  • 1. Payment plans

  • 2. Medical credit cards

  • 3. Unsecured credit options

While these methods do help patients afford their device or care, they cause a revenue lag for the business. This leaves providers and manufacturers at the mercy of the patient’s ability to pay. Not to mention, the business is stuck with the credit risk of the patient’s financing.

56% of patients say they would be unable to pay a $1,000 medical bill.

To mitigate the credit risk and create an optimized payment structure for your business, leverage payment technology to offer patients pay-over-time options plus down payments.

This is the missing piece in healthcare financing today.

When your patient is able to pay a larger lump sum up front combined with pay-over-time options, the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Patients who may not have been able to afford a device or procedure can now allocate a larger sum upfront and reduce their monthly payments over time
  • Businesses can collect a greater portion of the cost at the time of sale, reducing credit risk
  • Patient satisfaction soars and your business increases repeat purchases


FeatherPay's technology, designed with manufacturers, providers, and equipment suppliers in mind, promotes affordability AND allows for higher revenue capture at the time of sale.



Because our payment technology allows unprecedented combinations of payment methods, we are the first software solution solving for the critical affordability issue in the patient journey. 

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