The Future of Healthcare Payment Systems is Here

Drive revenue and streamline operations with advanced software that provides payment flexibility for patients.

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By the Numbers

Maximize treatment acceptance, improve efficiency, and increase revenue with FeatherPay.


Increase in Revenue


Reduction in Bookkeeping Time


Reduction in Patient Time in the Office


Increase in Treatment Coordinator Efficiency

What is FeatherPay?

FeatherPay is a payment platform that increases collected revenue and lowers operational costs for healthcare practices, all while delivering a great experience for patients.


By consolidating all the different ways a practice enables their patients to pay into a single experience and enabling payment in the office or on a mobile device, FeatherPay makes payment easy for patients to access and understand and simple for administrators to manage.

Patient Payments, Simplified

FeatherPay makes it easy to split and combine payments, allowing patients to get treatment on time, any time.

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Our software allows patients to use multiple payment methods in a single transaction across any digital device, providing the flexibility they need to pursue care that may have otherwise been out of reach. You’ll see a revenue boost, along with a more streamlined workflow for administrative staff.

In other words, our solution means you can finally put foregone treatment plans, complicated administrative work, and poor patient experience in the past—where they belong.

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Grow Practice Revenue & Treatment Plan Acceptance

Increase your practice’s business performance with a payment solution that enables patients to afford care by offering more ways to pay before, during, or after treatment—and on any device.

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Simplify Administrative Operations

Ease the burden on admin staff with a single back end. Processing refunds, managing patient payments, bookkeeping, and analytics are a breeze with our automated cloud-based system.

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Enhance the Patient Experience

Give patients the ease and convenience they’ve come to expect from a retail checkout experience with FeatherPay’s intuitive interface that presents all payment options together, including popular digital methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other financing solutions.


FeatherPay Success Stories

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“The ability to combine multiple sources of payment in a single transaction is vital for us. A significant amount of money was left on the table before we had this capability.”


Senior Director

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“The tracking, accounting, organization, ease, and features have blown us away. We will never have to look for another invoice and payment system ever again. I will recommend it to everyone!”

Dental Practice

Operations Manager

Partner with FeatherPay

Together, we can take the patient payment experience to the next level.

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